The White Part On This One Is Bigger Than The White Part On That One

So yeah, it’s Sunday. I’ve been posting daily again for about a week. I don’t always have something insightful to say, but I try to be entertaining when I’m not on my ‘A’ Game, and hopefully come back with something useful over the next few days to compensate. So I’ve got work to be done.

A friend recommended I submit some graphics to a juried selection for a local event. Might be a good thing, so I’m thinking about what I can do for it. So far, nothing is coming. Just one of those days.

I also have to contact Norman Kearney about helping him vet PBW2 proposal promo flyers, as well as offering to design print graphics for him. I also also have to contact my entire assembly and get them thinking about flyers, too.

And I have well over a dozen book titles to organize and finish (the list of which I won’t go into detail about here, because I already did that a week or so ago). This list now includes REDEFINING INTERACTIVITY, which has been getting a bit of attention lately, thanks to an offer I made to Jack Allin of to do some news/review writing for him. I’d have already submitted something for him to review and edit (part of the vetting process), but the game I picked to review (Clue: The Murder at Boddy Mansion) is giving me a bit of trouble (the mouse is over-sensitive in the game, so I can’t click on most of the screen buttons properly).

I may have to uninstall a game or two and install one of the other games I was thinking of reviewing for Jack; Sims 3: World Adventures. I picked these games because they’re both overlooked AG-type games, because they aren’t exactly Adventure Games in the classic mould, so they haven’t been reviewed yet, even though one of them is listed.

Time for me to check the sausages. Have a great day. Thanks for reading.


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