The Whole Other Half Album Release Update #001

Okay, so the album has been on sale for a day and change now, and I’m not going to share the numbers because I don’t want tpeople to think I obsess abotu such things.

Even though I do.

The ballpark figure is small. As in single digits small. So, as anticipated, not enough buzz for the album, and definitely not enough interest, because the people stopping by to check the album aren’t hearing anything they want to hear, and there are fewer partial plays than there are links to the Bandcamp page. I guess they don’t like what they see when they get there. Shame, really. I would have thought the obvious thing to do was click the button and play the first track. I currently have it set to play No One In The World, which is a strong number. Maybe too strong. Not Death Metal strong, but it IS a pretty challenging track. Perhaps I should set it for one of the poppier songs.

Or, you know, stop fretting and let the album go wherever it is unpopular albums go these days, now that few record stores have delete bins.

I have to feed the cats. BRB.

In other news, I’ve been experimenting with Twitter #hashtags to see if I can drum up new interest in the album, as well as with Terminal Monday, my second novel, which is also in sales Limbo. So far, the experiment seems to be gathering a bit of added buzz, but I haven’t seen any changes in anything else, save that I’m starting to accrue more followers I don’t know. I kind of wish I were adding followers I DO know, as I wouldn’t mind one of the people I read deciding to pimp me out a little. Sadly, I’ve taken about as much of a chance asking for celebrity love as I’m going to, over on Facebook… and those few pleas I dared didn’t get me anywhere in any case. *sigh* I simply do not have much pull. No surprise. I keep forgetting I’m not past the starting gate yet, despite all of my hard work.

Anyway, it’s getting dark, and it’s time for me to close the curtains and turn on a light, and maybe consider finishing the dishes before dinner.

But first I think I’ll go peek at my dwindling sales figures one more time…


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