The Whole Other Half and Steep Inclinations

Etcetera and Thesis are both in the process of getting a new lease on life (AGAIN!).

Last year’s Thesis demo album, Bisecting a Circumference, was really just an EP’s worth of the tracks I managed to get finished before changing medications and developing a serious case of SAD last year. I’d actually intended for it to be a full length album, and may still do if the current plan for the next album generates as much material as I’m expecting it to.

The new album will be called The Whole Other Half (Bisecting a Circumference pt 2), which I hope to have done and ready before next summer. The tentative track list will include Dinner Date, Old Man Saturn, and the first single*, Here It Comes Again, amongst others.

Wow, that read almost like a proper Rock News announcement, didn’t it?

Continuing on from there, I’m hoping to get Derrick and Gary back into harness for a proper Etcetera album. However, it’ll be the first truly proper Etcetera-as-I-envisioned-it, Progressive Rock album. The problem in the past was always that we needed songs to rehearse, and it was always easier to get the pop songs sorted out and recorded, and the more progressive stuff just kind of stayed on the demo tapes with all the dud notes and such. Well, not this time, dammit!

The new Etcetera album will be called Steep Inclinations, and will probably be a concept album, as the music demos are mostly lyric-less at present. The track list will include the long-delayed Good Enough For Now, Opus, The Lost Souls, and the first single, I Can See Why, written by Gary Falkins. The concept will most likely be a story about a small band of escapeess from a dystopic arcology run by a demented A.I. determined to keep the remains of humanity penned up forever.

The set list isn’t finalised yet (I still need to lift the parts of Opus off of the demo cassette, for instance, and I’m going to include Breathe, as well), but the old demos I have in MP3 format so far have been organized and loaded up onto the website for your perusal. Mind you, they’re not much to listen to, so don’t be expecting genius. The final versions will be far superior, I promise:

      Bleed Into One 3.9M  
      Good Enough For Now 12M  
      I Can See Why 3.4M  
      Memories of Riff Jam Rock 19M  
      Monte's Birthday Suite 16M  
      The Candy Stand 13M  
      The Dreamer's Symphony 10M

So there you have it: another chance at redemption for the boys of Etcetera. Maybe if I get lucky, I’ll be able to con Dave and Dori into playing on the album, or at least the first video, as well. Not counting on it, but it would be nice.

Well, that’s it for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Ta.


* Here It Comes Again should also be the first video, if I can get Mark, the erstwhile videographer, to commit when the song is ready and the weather gets good again. Maybe in the spring…

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