The Whole Other Half Release Update #002

Well, it had to happen, but I was sort of hoping it wouldn’t be so quick. The album has been getting a lot of buzz, but the sales figures don’t lie: no one outside of a very tight circle of close friends is willing to buy it. It seems I’ve spent a year labouring over something that just doesn’t command that much respect. *shrug… sigh*

I’m trying to consider whether I should release one of the tunes as a free download. And if I do, which one should it be: Out of Time, One Up On You, No One In The World, or Here It Comes Again?

Personally, I STILL think it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Maybe even cooler than completing Terminal Monday, which was a VERY important accomplishment for me. Perhaps it’s just time playing tricks on me, but I think part of it might just be that I’ve been able to share the album with more people than the book, which seems to have a very limited audience, despite all my efforts to promote it. And I’m not done promoting the book, mark my words.

I won’t mope. The album IS getting lots of attention. I just haven’t found the right audience for it yet. I’m still working on it. Twitter #hashtags are proving to be a very fun puzzle game for me to play. I’ve gotten indie press notices from two internet magazines so far. I just have to keep at it and hope for the best.

So, let’s recap: I released an album (two, actually, though the first is going to be remixed, expanded and re-released for Christmas), on the same sight that two of my friends have released their albums recently: Launch by The James Rocket, and Seesaw by The Rest. Lots of cool new music for you, even if you don’t dig my tunes. Fair enough. Go support James and Adam, okay.

Time to wrap this up and do some work on the next musical project, which is Top Secret, but I can tell you, I play a lot of Twelve String on it. I really need to buy that Godin A12 12-string, for the sake of my hands. That Washburn is killing me.

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