The Wildest Dream (~or~ Almost Like Starting Over)

I’ve been trying to get back to work on STEEP INCLINATIONS for months, to no avail, but at last, I made a bit of ‘me time’ and rerecorded the intro to the album. I’m still ambivalent about the drum track I used as a click for the orchestral keys (strings and brass separately; also left and right hands separately, in part for true left/right stereo separation, and also because my keyboard chops are in the dog house again; I knew in theory it would work, and it sounds pretty epic, so it worked, in my books), but until I can get a drummer friend to give me something approximating a real drum performance, I’m not going to stress about it.

I also want track a vocal harmony, just to see if it works, and if it patches up those bits of my lead vocal that dive bomb into the bass zone, which sounds brilliant under headphones, but disappears on my computer speakers (I still haven’t heard the mix on my stereo).

I would leave the song without the backbeat, as with the original demo version, but I’ve been thinking the album needs to open pretty huge, and the orchestral keys are alright, but unless I augment the orchestral keys with some violin/viola and/or winds soloing/dueting over top, I think it needs big drums; floor toms emulating kettle drums, at least. So I left the drum beat in, just so folks don’t get used to hearing ti without and then get all pissy when I add in the final percussion.

Anyway, I haven’t heard anyone but Dawn say anything about it, so it’s either boring or it’s terrible, and no one wants to break my heart at this point. Ah well. I like it, anyway.


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