The Wisdom of All Fonts

Silly title today. I’m rearranging my extensive free font collection. The idea is to have it organized in time for tonight, when I’ll be sharing some of my Trade Secrets™ with one of the Anvil staffers, who has volunteered to be my apprentice. I’m trying to make things as streamlined and sensible as I can, so as not to make the job seem harder than it is.

This requires that I go through almost 4000 fonts before dinner. The entire collection is almost 9000 fonts, but I’ve successfully categorized 5000 on previous occasions. So, more than halfway there. Still, it IS taking time and patience.

That’s why I recommend Anthony Phillips music, for all of your fussy graphics chore needs. He gets up you, calms you down, and keeps you on point, all without that nasty hangover you get from mainlining too much Progressive Rock in one sitting.

Anthony Phillips… the Designer’s Choice.


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