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Good Morning, Macketeers,

So I stayed up last night and did some stunt remixing of a track called Keep On Going. I’d done a remix of the song back at the beginning of the year, when I was first getting to grips with the software I used to mix THE WHOLE OTHER HALF. The problem with that old mix was, I really didn’t have much control of the software, so the sound wasn’t that different from what I’d had before I’d imported it into the computer for remixing. The thing of it was, I knew it could sound better, if I just took mroe time to sort it out. So I set the song aside for a bit. Eight months and almost two albums’ worth of remixes later, I finally felt like I understood what to do well enough to remix the track again and get it sounding right. It only took me about an hour and a half.

It used to sound like this.

It sounds like this now.

I also managed to finish recording and remixing The Dream Falls.

I may do one more remix of Time Passes By, to get rid of some unwanted static hiss, and then I’m done, unless my so-called band mates offer me more songs that they want on the album, which I will issue for Christmas. Need to make a new cover. The old demo album release from last year was alright, but I knew it could be better, and I think it is, now. Tell me what you think:

Bisecting A Circumference Demos

Bisecting A Circumference Remixes

Okay, time to stop and get myself ready for work. Have a great day.


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