There Are Many Roads To Choose From In This Life

Good Morning, Mackronauts.

You’ll have to pardon your Uncle Eddie. I’m a bit tired and, let’s face it, a bit depressed. The album is starting to give me real trouble, and I’m too tired to deal with it today. the pop songs are mostly done, but I’m coming up to the heavy numbers, and the trickiest of the bunch has thrown up a wall and refuses to let me in. I suspect I’m going to have to cut it from the track list and live without it for a while, which is frustrating for me because I’ve had it stuck in my head for almost a decade now. That’s a long damned time to have a bloody riff and a snippet of lyric bouncing around in your head unresolved.

To top it off, I finally shared a couple of surprise numbers I’ve been working on for my wife, and she seemed to like the one I wrote for her, but she didn’t care for the instrumentation of the cover tune. I don’t blame her. The keyboard sounds I used to simulate the instrumentation are sadly not as good recorded as they sound while I play them. I just can’t afford to hire musicians to play the real instruments right now.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to gripe. I should just stop and let you folks get back to reading the Ian Anderson review. It’s sunny outside today. I think I’ll go for a long walk, and maybe play a video game later. Ta.


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