There Can Be No Denying It

I am in the midst of a depression. My mood keeps tanking like Tesla Roadster trying to get from one end of an oil-rich nation to the other with no stations to recharge at. I keep trying to work to pick up the beat, but everything feels hollow right now.

And there is no reason for it. No triggers bringing me down, and no triggers to bring me up.

I’m not going to miss August much. I basically don’t enjoy summer at the best of times, but this summer has been particularly brutal.

I also have an ulnar nerve entrapment in my left arm, which is deteriorating the nerve and threatening to be permanent nerve damage. I am almost certainly going to be getting surgery to remedy it, if it’s not already too late. It could affect a lot of things I do. Art might suffer a bit, but the writing and especially the music will be severely affected if I don’t recover from this after the surgery. Fun times.

And no one had bought a single copy of SUDDEN DEPARTURES, or any of the paintings I’ve been making. Not even prints. So much for that. I’m breaking down the splatter box today. No more abstract paintings. It’s obviously NOT what people want, who can afford it.

There is more stuff to do. Lots. We’ll see if any of it happens today.



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