There Is More To This World Than We See With Our Eyes

Good Morning, Mackrophiles,

I have rent to go pay, so I have to make this short.

I think I’ve finally reached that point where I realize nothing is working. Nothing I’ve done in the past year has amounted to anything remotely resembling a good, solid investment in my future: I’ve published novellas and novels; I’ve written countless short stories which are being gathered into collections as quickly as I can; I’ve created dozens of tee shirts, some of which are pretty funny and some of which are just pretty; I’ve put an album and a single up for sale, and another album up for pre-order; I’ve held two art sales of my illustrations and hand-drawn graphic designs; I’ve made fifteen videos, some which are visual audio books, some of which actually use my music, and one of which is an actual by-gum rock video; and I’ve done all of this while maintaining about a half dozen blogs and at least three social networks, which I am occasionally quite charming on, if you catch me on a good day.

And I’m staring down the barrel of debt like never before. You have no idea. It’s making me into the bore you see today.

But enough about me. How are you today?

Uncle Eddie.

One Response to “There Is More To This World Than We See With Our Eyes

  • Hey brother,
    I know EXACTLY how you feel, being a very creative person myself. Know this tho’, you’ve probably accomplished more in this past year on a creative and personal fullfillment level than most individuals ever will in their entire lifetime. I know I certainly have, and by the sound of what you’ve done this past year, you’ve done more than others have done in several lifetimes. Be proud of what you’ve done. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the most financially successful year, and I know that you know that you can’t measure creativity by financial success alone. The fact is most people would die to have half the talent that you and I have.
    NEVER GIVE UP. Do what you do because you know you do it better than anyone else, and you love to do it. I love to make music and I love to draw…I’ve made a few bucks here and there, I’ve played thousands of gigs in the last 15 years, I’m still not a rockstar, but then again, I am. I’ve done everything a “rockstar” has done,with the exception of overdosing on drugs and selling a million copies of my album (ok only 2000 copies).
    Dude, you’re the shit. I’ve seen your work and it smokes. IT’s GOOD and only you need to believe it. Others will too as long as you have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself. Never stop believing. Never give up.
    Besides, most people are fucking morons and wouldn’t recognize talent if it kicked them straight in the nuts and had a fucking billboard in front of their pupils. Most creative industries, graphic arts, record labels…are all run by morons. That’s the industry for ya. Fuck em.

    Taker easy bro,

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