There Is No One In The Space In My Head

Good Morning, Mackronauts,

I have no internet (still), so I have no idea when I’ll get a chance to post this.

I’m drinking coffee (again), listening to Max Webster’s brilliantly underrated A Million Vacations album, which I honestly enjoy so much, I keep neglecting to play the rest of their catalogue, which is wrong of me. I sometimes think that my old band Etcetera was unwittingly modelled after Max Webster, simply because we aspired to progressive greatness, but really only ever played extended jams and fairly straightforward pop rock songs… and three out of four of us sang lead vocals, though the job mostly fell to me. Our old bass player, Big Dave, once flattered me with the pronouncement that I was ‘The Voice of Etcetera’. To this day, I’m not sure what that really means.

I think I have a fairly distinctive voice, but I certainly don’t have what most people I know think of as a great lead singer voice. My mom probably wishes I sounded more like her favourite country artists, and most of the people that have heard my demos of the last few years have said I probably shouldn’t try so hard to extend my range. Even my buddy Gary wishes I had a stronger voice, at least when singing his material. I usually have to start belting things out of the park to convince him I’m good enough. Not sure that actually works, but he backs off at any rate.

So, today I guess I’m gonna tackle No One In The World. I was planning on integrating it into a beautiful piano piece of mine, but that may just be a little too difficult for me, and I need the CD space back, so I’ve cut the Coda piece from the album and decided to just comp some chords for the song that follows the main riff instead. Maybe I’ll play the Coda piece on stage instead, although I’ve been thinking of saving Coda for Steep Inclinations. We’ll see.

I also still need to apply guitar to One Up On You, and I need to relearn and replay the keyboard parts for On My Mind/On The Furthest Shores, which I’ve been saving until last because of the technical complexity involved. I’m figuring I’ll start work on that this weekend, or perhaps on Monday if the weekend winds up being filled with yardwork and suchlike again.

Dawn’s gone to work in Yvette’s garden, so it’s time to start recording. Hopefully I get this song done today or on Friday (tomorrow is a band day, so I’ll probably get them to work on something that needs fixing, though I can’t think of what right now. So many tracks need fixing… maybe we’ll just jam on something for Steep Inclinations instead). I have so little time left, but I really can’t convince myself that it shouldn’t all be done and wrapped up by June 5th, so I can get to work on auditioning new members and rehearsing the band. This could prove to be the toughest chore yet; getting the albums rehearsed. If that works, we should be able to go out and play the stuff, and maybe start scoring gigs in and out of Hamilton. It’s just about within reach… I just need to stretch a little further.

Time to go. Thanks for reading. Have a great day, folks.


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