There Is No One In the World Tonight

Remember that piece I keep trying to get people to listen to?

When It Seems To Be Ending

What I haven’t mentioned is that it is actually a piece of music that has lyrics, which I’m trying to weld together right now. It’s a song called No One In The World, which is part of a larger piece called the Love’s Labours Lost & Found Suite, for The Whole Other Half.

These are the lyrics:

Help me please
I can’t define this open ending
So unique
These features draw me in with light bending

Hey… are you receiving any of these broken signals
Are they translating, is the message coming clear
Hey… I’m pretty sure, that is, I guess, oh what was I thinking
Just close your eyes and wait until I’m not here

There is no one in the world tonight
I listen for the voices that never come
There is nowhere in the space in my head
I can’t remember where I ever came from

They seem to get me just what I’m giving
Fucking weak
I’ve dreamed my way out of really living

Hey… do you think that you can come over tonight
I’ll leave the door unlocked, just let yourself in
Hey… I know this isn’t what either one of us was planning
But when you’re here, there’s no such thing as sin

There is no one in the world tonight
Who can reach me with a soul so real (surreal)
There is no love in the spaces between breaths
So breathe with me and show me how you feel


There is no one in the world tonight
I listen for the voices that never come
There is nowhere in the space in my head
I can’t remember where I ever came from

There is no one in the world tonight
Can’t see you coming to this wasteland
There is no love in the space between us
Did you ever really understand?


© 2006 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music
from the upcoming album ‘The Whole Other Half’

It’s a song about an old, old relationship that ended, but years later, the lover finds himself wishing she’d come back for a visit, because he is alone and doesn’t feel like anyone else ever really got him. Of course, it’s a ridiculous notion, but it’s not that uncommon for people to yearn for The One That Got Away. It’s kind of my version of Alone Tonight from the Duke album by Genesis, which I believe was a Mike Rutherford composition.

The vocals were meant to be a sort of Matthew Good thing, but the music has been eluding me all of this time because I actually forgot where I got the melody bits from. It turns out, I was misremembering this jam the band and I had done years earlier. When I realized what I had done a few days ago, I thought about it and decided I’d put the pieces back together and make it a stronger, longer song, since the lions share of the lyrics would be at the start, and then the remainder at the very end, like Home By The Sea or the end of the Duke Suite. In fact, it may just be that I have found the source for my major themes for the rest of the suite as well. It’ll be fun pulling this piece apart and sewing it back together with all of the wildly different songs intended for the suite.

So there you have it. My agenda laid bare. And yet, no one is listening to the piece. Is it really that dull? Have I misjudged its power? Am I the only one who likes what I did there? I’d say it’s the closest I’ve ever come to writing a Duke-era Genesis piece, and that Is after all a touchstone for me musically. I’d really like to think I’m not the only one who can hear it, but I suppose I’ll have to do the grunt work to prove my point.

Anyway, as always, thank you for reading. Please consider listening to the piece if you haven’t already. It’s only a click away, unless, like me, your browser is set up not to play Flash stuff properly, in which case, like me, you’ll have to copy/paste the URL into another browser that ISN’T Flash-blocked.


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