There Must Be Another Way. Please Show Me Another Way!

I had a look at my stats for today. !6 views so far, and I haven’t posted anything new yet. You guys are incredible. The only problem I see with it all is, six of those views were for The Last Love Scene (which is annotated and everything now), and four were for Redefining Interactivity (which I’m making into a fully updated book soon), and NONE of this traffic yields any interest in my books, which are under the first tab at the top of the screen. They’re hard to miss, really.

So I’ve got to know, how many of you folks visiting this page directly even know I’m a writer?

I mean, I’m not a successful writer. I’m not even a mid-list author, which saddens me to know end. I’m working on it, but so far, I haven’t found my audience yet. I just keep writing my strange, sometimes slightly horrific, mostly fairly touching speculative fiction ideas into stories and novels, and keep hoping something will catch on some day.

I decided to promote Athena’s Eyes on Facebook and Twitter again today. I could do the same on Tumblr, but I figured I’d just make a post and let that be my Tumblr presence for today. Tumblr is exhausting and frustrating, because it inhibits commenting on posts, unless people are willing to share a thing, which is nice, but it does take a bit of effort. I guess commenting does, too. I lose at Tumblr.

I have an interview at 2PM to talk about the Neighbourhood Action Strategy initiative here in Hamilton. I’ve been involved with it for over a year now, and it’s had some ups and downs. But then, that can be said for a lot of my involvement in civic engagement exercises.

Participatory Budgeting has gotten a wee bit of a black eye recently, thanks to the level of pushback we’ve received from the City Staff, whom our friend Norman Kearney assures us have been doing their best, but still haven’t been as timely or forthcoming as we were lead to believe they would be. I guess I can see that, but in truth, it’s making me look bad to my assembly. They’re starting to claim the process is failing, when it’s not, and I don’t know how to respond to their perceptions, because it all hinges on the pushback problem, which Stinsonites have been skeptical of from the start. I feel guilty for the perceived failures of the process, and I’m starting to take the slights personally.

I have graphics gigs to attend to. I’ve already started doing the layout for a competition to rebrand Fall Fest on Concession Street. I have ideas milling about in my head now, but I haven’t committed them to paper yet. I may have to, to simplify my design process.

I have songs I’m planning to rehearse and record. I haven’t had time to do that. My callouses are wearing off. :T

No painting done yet this week. Hopefully soon.

I also have to still write the review of this month’s Art Crawl, while it’s still fairly fresh in my mind. Haven’t had time yet.

AAANND… I still have to write my game review audition for Got the game installed, but it’s time consuming and hard to make progress on. Thank goodness it’s not an online game I’m playing, or I’d be sunk.

I haven’t actually written any original fiction since sometime early last week. It’s pissing me off. Just a little. I have scores of things that need to be written, and nobody is going to do that for me, so I have to make time to do it myself, but I can’t because I have all of these other responsibilities now, and I can’t prioritize any real time for serious writing any more.

So buy and read my books, and demand more, so I can justify stepping away from civic engagement and focus on my career, okay? Save me from my neighbours! 😀

Time to get dressed and prepare to face the rest of the day. So much fun. Thanks for reading.

Save me. I mean it.


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