There Must Be Some Other Way To Get Where We Have to Go

It’s a grey, dismal day in Hamilton today. I know it’s not true, but it ‘feels’ like it’s been grim and grey for days. The sun has been rising later than seems appropriate for the season, but in truth, the problem is just that the season doesn’t feel cold enough to be this dark this soon. Winter is going to be weird this year.

I’m expecting Gary to come by to rehearse songs later today. I’m not sure what kind of mood I’m in. I’m tired and slightly miserable, and thinking that, if I’m not actually sick, I must be experiencing low grade depression.

I’ve got CDs for sale:
The Whole Other Half CDs for sale
Currently I’m thinking of selling them for $15.00 CAD (plus shipping, where applicable). I suspect that might be a little more than folks are willing to spend on an unknown musician, but the fact is, I’ve already spent too much time and money making the album, and I did it all in my own home studio, so I did my best to keep the price down.

If you’re not too sure about buying a physical CD for $15, you can still listen to the tracks and/or get the digital download for $10. It’s almost 80 minutes of pretty cool independent progressive rock and pop music. There’s a little something in there for most tastes. Except polka. I don’t do polka.

I might do a little bit of work on the Tarot designs today, when Gary isn’t here. The light is miserable, but it feels like a day for staying in and drawing.

I need more coffee, I think. I don’t need food. I wish my stomach would believe me when I say that. One breakfast is quite enough.

Time to get productive. Thank you for reading.


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