There’s a Road For Every Dream You Might Have Had

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my album. There’s this nine-part suite, called Love’s Labours Lost & Found Suite, which is more or less a song cycle, except that there is a running narrative through it, as it’s somewhat biographical. The thing is, I had somewhat arbitrarily shuffled the tunes around a bit, thinking that the oder of the songs as I originally head them in my head might sound like a dynamic piece in that order. However, every time I would listen to the demos front to back, I kept thinking it just wasn’t working, and would probably require major surgery in Adobe Auditions to make the suite work as a whole piece. I was even starting to think I was goign to have to write some connecting bits, and risk the piece growing longer than its already 30+ minute length.

Todsay I did something radical: I rearranged the songs to a more chronologically correct order, thinking that, if the cycle is going to be hard to implement, the narrative thread might as well be biographically correct in any case.

And a funny thing happened: I played them back in their new order and suddenly realized, the songs link up perfectly. No connective bits needed. Each finishing chord neatly dovetails into the opening of the next section, like they were written that way on purpose. Oh, sure, the drum beats are a bit different, but the tempos and the chords seem to work beautifully, so far as I can tell. I still have a few songs that need to be proeprly demoed, rather than the simple scratch vocal demos I recorded at the beginning of the album’s construction.

So what does it all mean? Is there a divine hand guiding the construction of the music. Does it mean I write too many songs in similar keys, or with similar chord structures? Does it mean that, somewhere in the back of my head, I’ve been working out these pieces with the intention of combining them someday, even though I hadn’t really thought about the concept as such until just a month or two ago? I don’t know. Maybe a combination of all three. Perhaps my inner divine being is guiding me subconsciously, aiding me to make all of these decisions with a bit of a through line that I would only notice if I arranged the songs correctly, in the order they were conceived. Maybe I just hadn’t realized that I’ve been slowly, oh so slowly writing this suite for sixteen years, starting new songs in the cycle roughly where the last bit left off a couple of years before. Maybe my memory is playing tricks with me.

At any rate, the piece looks like it’s going to work now. I must confess, I was only hoping it would come together before the album was due. In truth, even as late as yesterday, I was starting to think I was goign to have to scrap the suite concept and just stick with the songs I already had done, plus whatever other songs I could finish before the due date. Now I know the suite will work, as least as a continuous song cycle if not a composed piece of music spanning thirty-odd minutes, and this news pleases me, even if it means I have no choice buut to finish teh album as originally planned.

Well, except that I’ve rearranged the order. I should rearrange the  order of the album’s Bandcamp page to reflect these changes. Who knows? Maybe just seeing that I’ve succeeded in finding the proper sequence will subconsciously inspire people to pre-order now.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Anyway, I think I’m going to knock off WAY early and go ride my bicycle with my wife.


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