There’s Always Been The Light In Our Eyes, Rising Slowly To Meet The Waterline

Good Morning, Macketeers,

I don’t really have much to say today. I just thought I’d pop by and say good morning, and remind you that I’m selling music and fiction these days, and I’m making plans for a few new projects to keep me from noticing how few sales I’ve had so far.

First up is an art project I’ve called The Tarot Series. Pretty sure I posted an image from this… *goes rummaging*… Oh yes, here we are:

I’m going to do all of the Major Arcana in this style, and then do watercolour studies, followed by 2’x3′ acrylic paintings, and finally, a series of prints, all of which I hope to include in a show , along with work by my agent/wife.

I’m still labouring over The Back Roads of Limbo, which I have to get done soon, because stories for another collection have been invading my mental space, and it’s getting difficult to explain to the one how it has to wait for me to finish the other… and vice versa. Sibling rivalries can be so ugly sometimes.

There’s the mural project, which has been pushed back until they can get more money and more entrants. I’m still keen, but I may do more work on my entry between now and the final submission date.

And I’ve started preparing music and lyrics for a collaborative project we’re currently calling Surreyal. It’s still kind of secret, so I’ll only say it’s going to fuse some of my biggest melodic prog rock influences into one album. Should be fun.

Finally, I’m considering finding crowdfunding for the interactive graphic novels, The Art of Words and Dreamtropolis Fallen. We’re just working out the details before I start prepping stuff to entice folks to invest in the projects, which I guess I’m going to lump under the Sunday Afternoon Matinée banner, which might help to get the whole graphic novel magazine thing going at long last. Might even recommence the Novice 2 Romance and Zoe through the Week strips.

So that’s what I’m thinking about. That, plus my intentions to get back to work on The Uninvited Guest quadriptych and the next Etcetera Thesis album should keep me busy well into 2014.

So, what are you going to be doing while I’m busy doing all of this? Maybe you should consider buying my albums or books to tide you over, because I’m going to be kinda busy.

Thanks for reading.


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