There’s Something In The Air, And You Don’t Know What It Is

Quick apology for no new posts these past few days. I actually had been working on a big Op Ed post, but it probably will never see the light of day. That’s probably for the best.

Very quickly, I’m involved in a new PR campaign to create awareness and groundswell support for the new(ish) head office of Participatory Budgeting in Ward 2. It couldn’t possibly come at a more complicated or dramatic time. Things are changing, and announcements to that effect will soon have to be made, but they’re not entirely mine to make, so I won’t be making them today. As well, we’re still waiting to hear back from some people to confirm whether they intend to work with us going forward. This basically means we can’t effect any of our campaign plans (ideas, really) until we’ve had a chance to discuss and ratify a few of them, or at least have the shiny rubbed off of them to reveal the flaws underneath.

So, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes, and some of them are even very creative in nature. These developments will probably require me to utilize several of my creative tool sets over the next several months. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the details, if not the bigger picture, in coming days.

I’m also attending a lot of coffee dates and mini meetings right now. My teeth and mouth are already sore from the over-consumption of that sweet, sweet (even when not sweetened) liquid gold. five meetings in three days. More to come in the days ahead. I predict that I will have to either have an IV drip attached to keep me going, or I’ll have to check in to the Betty Ford Clinic to detox. 😉

In other news, I’m actively trying to sell a few copies of my books to close friends who have expressed an interest in obtaining print copies. It’s a clumsy way to make a few bucks, but what the heck.

More fiction coming. Just, you know, with intermittent postings about this Participatory Budgeting stuff as well. Stay tunes. And thank you for reading.


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