They Won’t Hide, No They Won’t Tell You, Watching The World, Watching All of The World, Watching Hours Go By

I probably fluffed the title. It’s a line of lyric from Yes’ And You And I. I’m listening to a live recording of Anderson/Rabin/Wakeman (ARW) performing And You And I as I type this. I love Yes. I love Yes music. Yes music inspired me to want to become a musician. The fact that I’m not nearly good enough to play in a band like Yes saddens me, but there it is. Start late and watch the boat sail without you.

Anyway, here’s the thought I was writing in my Facebook Status Update when I thought, “Why am I writing this in Facebook when I should be posting it on my blog?”

Rereading the start of my novel to get into it again.
I wonder why I thought a ponderous overdub was the way to go.
I’m not infallible, folks. I’ll have to rewrite the intro again. It doesn’t move me at all. *sigh* Just not sure how it will go, because the narrator is the only one who can tell this part of the story, even if I let other voices lead different parts of the narrative.

I’d better decide exactly how this story is going to go. I’ve been wibbling about it for months, because I don’t quite like the conclusion I reached. It feels like the only answer, but it feels unnecessarily clever and mean. The villain gets his in the end, but it starts with the villain narrating the story as he remembers it, which tells you that the heroes did not fair so well. He even says as much, even as he spells out that he didn’t make out as well as hoped, either.

So that’s what’s cooking this morning. Deciding whether and how to rewrite the intro to my big sci fi novel.

I’ll leave you with that happy thought. Have a good day.


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