Things I’m Doing Right Now

Okay, so Winterlude still isn’t complete. I’m nearing the end, but I’m getting groggy, and need to have my wits about me to write this ending. So I’ll try to finish it up tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I’m going to post a couple of images of the work I’ve been doing to design our front window display for the seasonal celebrations:

Part of my preparations for the window.

Part of my preparations for the holiday window.

I’m listening to numerous B-sides from the Calling All Stations sessions. I think it would have been a better album with a few more of these in the track listing. I should review them and add them to my original review, since it still gets so much foot traffic.

And finally, I’m waiting for the sales launch of Bisecting a Circumference Remixed, the album I’ve spent the last half year tweaking in earnest for this day. I’m hoping people will enjoy it more than they did The Whole Other Half, and buy at least one more copy of it than I managed to sell of the previous album.

We’ll see.

Anyway, tomorrow should be kind of busy, so let’s just think of this as tomorrow’s post tonight, okay?

Thanks for reading, and Season’s Greetings, whatever holiday is closest to your heart.


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