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I’ve started yet another blog, this time for my paintings. You can see it here (click the image to open a new tab or window or whatever your browser does with links these days, you kids and your new fangled contraptions):
Divinity dry

And I’ve started a new blog for PBW2.

Frankly, someone has to do it, and it has to be done by an outsider to the City process, or PBW2 will never be a truly resident-led initiative again. Of course, it had to be me who did it, because I’m the only one stupid enough to do this much work for free, and I’m basically a blowhard who loves to hear himself talk, which we need right now, to make more people aware that there still IS a PBW2 process to look forward to (whether we get that commitment from Councillor Farr to fund a 2015 PB campaign ,or we have to go elsewhere for monies). Plus, we need someone to keep track of the progress as the 2013 proposals roll out. I don’t have my fingers in as many pies as some folks I know, but I know some who do, so it should be possible to get the information needed to run the website and organize a few volunteer meetings.

If nothing else, I have the basic skills to promote PBW2 2013 and 2014 initiatives, which could go a long way towards motivating our Councillors to back PBHamOnt in years to come. So that’s what I’ll do.

I’m looking for volunteers, and I’m looking for information. If you or your friends are involved in a PBW2 project, either from 2013 or from this year, please contact me, or have them contact me. I can be reached at

And if the Councillor is reading this, yes, I would love to sit down and chat with you.

Time to get an infographic done, and then teach a guitar lesson at 2PM. Who knows what I’ll do after that. Could be a quiet day. Could be Bizarresville. We shall see.


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