Things To Do on a Thursday

Simply compiling a list of things I could or should be doing today:

  • Complete writing of three short stories for The Back Roads of Limbo collection.
  • Complete designs for Tarot painting series.
  • Complete Marillion album review.
  • Attend Carter Park Sub-Committee meeting at Adam’s.
  • Refill Abilify prescription.
  • Jam new 12-string acoustic pieces for Surreyal.
  • Promote Books.
  • Promote Albums.
  • Rip drum circle jam with mandolin to mp3.
  • Rehearse songs with Gary.
  • Research steam trains for new painting idea.
  • Draw ideas for possible future murals for Carter Park utility hut.
  • Abandon hope (or at least curb my enthusiasm) for future park improvements.

Time to get the day started properly.


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