This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

So, the workers are outside my living room/bedroom windows, thumping and tamping down gravel and stacking concrete retaining wall blocks (basically, formed cinder blocks with a rough face to look ‘natural’). I am in need of more caffeine, but I suspect I should forego it. I have an appointment with a speech-language pathologist in a couple of hours to discuss the progress I haven’t made in trying to exercise my vocal chords and get my singing voice back into shape.

There are two (out of three) PBW2 meetings tonight, which I hope will yield a total of eight new PB staffers. I have to finish rescheduling and promoting four out of four of last week’s meetings to get quorum and get seventeen other positions filled. AND I have to finish booking and scheduling a meeting I was hoping to run tonight, but [DELETED].

The truth is, I’m tired and more than a little depressed. I’m in low grade pain from several of my joints, including my left leg and my left shoulder and chest muscle, and the totality of the back of my neck and shoulders. I’ve really had it up to here with trying to [DELETED]. I’m especially tired of feeling like I can’t talk to anybody about my frustrations with this whole thing.

I want to go back to writing novels and drawing and painting pictures and recording my songs. I can’t, and haven’t been able to seriously focus on my creative output in months. To put it bluntly, [DELETED]. This is all stuff that has been weighing on my mind so much, I haven’t been able to function properly.

I probably have to delete half of this post now. *goes back and starts deleting stuff*

In other news… actually, I can’t think of anything newsworthy to say about my creative or personal life today. I apologize. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

There’s an interview in the New Republic with literary agent Andrew Wylie, and his ideas about modern book agenting, or rather, his determination not to play the game as it is being played by most commercial book agents. Fascinating read. Not sure I like him, but he’s got an interesting mind. Here’s the link:

And that’s all I have to offer today. Take care. Thanks for reading.


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