This Used To Be The Town That Everyone Else Turned To

NOTE: This post was written yesterday (Thursday). The band practice was kind of fun but not particularly productive, and I essentially lost a day of production for my sins. Still, it was nice just hanging out with the guys and playing with the toys. Hoping to make up for lost time today. So many songs to fix…

Good Day, Macketeers,

I still have no idea when this will get posted, but here goes.

Today, I’m expecting both Derrick and Gary for rehearsal and possible recording. I’m considering commemorating the occasion by taking the multi-track upstairs, because I doubt with all my heart that Derrick will bring his kit down to me. That’s just not how Derrick operates. He’s never been a drummer of convenience, and I doubt he’ll start now.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to patch the pair of them into the multi-track with me, and I’m thinking it will consist of putting them both on one of my stereo splitters and running that from the sub-output. That might work. Gonna get tricky if we ever get any other musicians involved.

I’m starting to consider the Genesis method of group composition, where someone conjures up a quick synth drum rhythm and everyone starts to build on that. I consider this because I of course want everyone playing in time, and I don’t want to force Derrick to play second fiddle to a drum machine. The object of having a real drummer in the mix is to let him make the drum noises and fire the band up free of the restrictions of being perfectly programmed.

I’m listening to the album, The Whole Other Half. It still need a LOT of polishing, and not just in the mixing and mastering stages. Frankly, I muffed a lot of parts, and I fear there just isn’t enough time between now and June 5th to fix them all. This was always a danger, but now I have to seriously consider putting the release date back. I haven’t decided to definitely do it. I’m procrastinating, hoping I’ll somehow pull off a miracle, even though some of those parts were pretty tricky, and will require quite a few takes to perfect. Especially the lead guitar parts, and particularly that piano part I played yesterday. That was stop and go the whole way, and even then it was less than perfect.

That said, the album IS nearing completion. I just have two more tracks to recreate, which I mightn’t be doing if my old four-track hadn’t died the death, because I’d probably have tried to fly the original individual tracks into the 16-track. In truth, it’s better this way. It’s just hard work, and with the amount of time I have left, it’s going to eat into the time I need to polish those other muffed tracks. Plus, with my luck, I’ll only muff these tracks too, and then I’ll have even more polishing work to do.

The nice thing about all of this is that, to my ears, it sounds like a pretty good album. I’m hoping the polishing process will make it good for everyone else. I SO want everyone I know to hear this album. I figure the odds are good that at least my friends and acquaintances will tell me what they think, which would make for a nice change of pace from all of this silence, which I just read as indifference.

I should go make some coffee, take my meds, get dressed and see if I can’t get this blog posted. I hope my neighbours are feeling generous today.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

Your worn out Uncle Eddie.

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