Those Were The Days of Our Younger Lives

Super short one. Got to go pick up groceries and take care of some errands. Not lots of fun, as the weather is a little dodgy here today. Also, having finally gotten a bit of money back in the house, I’m reluctant to spend it. Funny how that works.

May get to do some writing later. Might just continue planning PERPETUAL TUESDAY. It’s a weird set-up. I’m using three rock albums to reference the chapters of the book, which moves in three acts, and the final line of each chapter is a paraphrase of the finale of a song from one of the three albums. So far, it’s all sequenced and runs just so, but I may have to change everything around, and in the end, all of this fiddling probably won’t work. It’s an experiment, unlike any other I’ve tried, which I find is necessary to bring new life and prevent me from simply rewriting the previous novel. We’ll see how it goes.

I smell bacon.

Time to get dressed and face the day. *sigh*


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