Though We’ve Come A Long, Long Way, This Old World Ain’t Much Better Than It Was

A little Ian Thomas for you…

I feel like I ought to be posting something, but truthfully, I’m tired and a little worn out, and nothing is coming to mind yet.

I actually have a lot of work-type stuff coming up, starting with drawing a comic for the next issue of the StinZine, which I’m pretty sure I already mentioned, so that’s not news. What IS news is that the deadline for article submissions is coming up, and I planned on having thumbnails of the pages ready shortly before or after the cut off date. So if you’re one of those people who owes us an article, please sit down and write it today. Thank you.

I’m actually waiting for some money to come in, so we can pick up a bit of food. We’re not starving, but our fridge and freezer are just about bare, so it’s about that time again. I’m hoping to balance our budget properly this month, so we don’t have shortfalls like we did over the last few months. It’s been pretty stressful, of late.

I’m possibly going to attend the inaugural meeting of the GritLit Writer’s Group or whatever it’s called, tonight. I just joined the group, so I have no idea if it will be educational or merely social.

I have to cut more cards for my wife. She still has a crowdfunding campaign on the books, but it’s not really taking off, and she’s pretty much stopped pimping it. I should be trying harder, but I’ve been so busy, there just hasn’t been time. The page is HERE. My wife’s art can be seen HERE.

Time I got dressed and faced the day.

Thanks for reading.


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