Tight As A Drum

I keep squeezing content into smaller and smaller corners of the StinZine. I just read an invoice that clearly states the Katherine’s Day Care ad is for the June issue. I don’t know what the card content is supposed to say at the moment, but I’m going to put the ad in anyway, just because I don’t want any arguments down the road about when the ad should have been posted.

I have a butt-tonne of art to draw. Most of it is simple head shots, but a few little figures and a few small establishing shots are in order as well. Fun times. Plus, I still haven’t completed the cover or the map. I don’t have a photo of the cover as it exists at the moment, but here’s the layout of the book, so far:
StinZine layout as of 2014 05 16a

The map is almost half done. I estimate another twenty hours of drawing time. I am SO going to sell some large scale prints for cash. I have debts to pay, dammit. Here it is again, from a few days ago (I’ve been busy doing the layout):
StinZine 002 08-09J sml

I crave lasagna.

And Guinness.

Both are in Not Gonna Happen Land.

I need to sell books. I make pretty decent money selling books. *nods*

Time to get back to work. Thanks for reading.


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