Time Passes By (song)

Okay, so it’s my birthday, and I’m in an immense amount of pain. My wife, who is sick as heck today, has nevertheless slavishly made for me a very decadent chocolate cake. Christmas was swell, despite our infirmities, and I received some very nice gifts, including that great new Genesis biography, which I tore into right away.

Now, to celebrate my birthday, I’ve decided to release Time Passes By in its current semi-demo form, even though it’s intended for Project Download. The impression I’ve gotten is that the ladies are not going to use it, so I figure there’s no point in waiting. I would like to direct folks to the Project Download LJ Community, which I think is still an excellent charity for a very worthy cause, despite the troubles they’ve had in recent days. Please visit their blog and download the simple, safe text file, which will help go towards getting Erin the neurosurgery she needs.

Without further ado, here’s the song:

Time Passes By



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