Time Passes By

Tonight I wrote and recorded the demo for a brand new song. However, I won't be uploading it here tonight. I'll explain.

See, I created it for Project Download in the hope that they might use the song as a free download for the project. It's part of a plan to help a young woman get some much-needed brain surgery, using reward money from a web-based file sharing site that has promised to reward 10K to whomever can get 5 million downloads from their account.

The idea to create something new for her to add to the project was instigated by a young writer named Cleolinda who has offered to donate a piece of movie spoof literature (she has published a book of such things, and they are wickedly funny) to the project. Now, I could have done something similar, but I don't have the readership she does, and the point is to get people making with the clicky. I could donate some art, but really, the best use of art would be for promotional purposes, and right now, there isn't much actual product being promoted, given that this is an entirely not-for-profit venture.

But one thing I could do, which is a pretty easy draw for most people, is write a song and record it and donate that for free download. Now, most people would be willing to download a song even if they didn't know me, just out of curiousity, so I figured, how fast can I write and record a new song. Turns out, the answer is one night. Just keep working til it's done. Just like in the old days. The multi-track gave me some technical troubles, but I read fast enough to get them sorted out. My first newly-completed demo on the shiny new multi-track AND a free song for activist purposes.Very cool, I think.

Okay, enough from me. More soon.


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