Time Passes, Friends Come, Friends Go, Time Passes

This is the first anniversary of the passing of our beloved Lucky, the feral mini-panther who featured in Terminal Monday (see: Vlad the Impaler), amongst other bits of fiction here and there, mostly starring my proxy, Richard Burley.

Obviously, Dawn and I are in a wistful, memorializing mood. So it’s a bit counterintuitive that we are also going to be going to Art Crawl tonight to sell Dawn’s art at the Lister Block.

I’m listening to very old Gary Numan today. This isn’t about Lucky, but I was listening to my friends, the Royal Seas, last night, and of all the comparisons folks made about their music, I was struck by how much they reminded me of a combination of Joy Division and Gary Numan. More the former than the latter, and so it occurred to me that I’d probably quite like making some 80s music of my own that maybe tipped a hat to some of my own 80s influences, the way friends, Joe, Lee, Jonathan and Stefan have. It might even be cool to put together a band some day to perform some of it a few times. I could drag out some Etc/Thesis tracks that are also very 80s-influenced, like The Dream Falls and You’re Right and I Want Someone Close To Me, and stuff like that. We’ll see.

Back to Lucky and our other deceased cat, Charlie:
I started working on a story/script for a graphic novel ostensibly about two Private Eyes in the afterworld, but essentially a story about my lost cats:
I still haven’t gone very far with it, but I keep thinking about it. I may have to sit down and look at the pile of notes I started making earlier this year, to see if it’s still a mini series. I had thought it would be a trilogy, at most, but it ballooned a bit. Almost time to see if the story can be condensed safely or not. I’d like to at least have the pencils done by the end of the year, if nothing interrupts me.

Also thinking about LinkWorlds: The Board Game again:
LBG Box Cover-01
It’s been awhile since I made any progress on this, but it IS something I’m very interested in.

Time to get stuff done. Thank you for reading. Have a good day.


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