To Do Today

Hi Mackronauts!

Just running down the list of things I’m supposed to be doing today that I’ve been procrastinating on because the caffeine is broken:

– finish drawing the logo for my friend’s latest video game project (she’s already demo’d the game at GDC, so I’d better get it done soon)

– finish my ‘Out With Dad’ mega review (part two of two, for those counting)

– finish writing The Back Roads of Limbo (yeah, we’ll see how that goes)

– finish album reviews for Forever (Corea, Clarke & White), Julian Lennon, Queensryche, Symphony X and Adrenaline Mob albums (okay, maybe not ALL of them today, but they’re ripped and in my WinAmp playlist at the moment)

I think that’s already too much, but I’m gonna have to make it happen, and stat.

Thank you for reading. I’ll be back soon (I hope).


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