Today’s Actually Blog Post: Why I Like Snow

Okay, I just lost three quarters of my potential readers from that title. For that, I am truly sad.

(I need more readers. 😉 )

But seriously, winter, in the back of my mind, is the time of year for reflection, for closing business and wiping the slate clean and reorganizing and regrouping and planning for the new year of projects and such. The thing is, snowfall is kind of spiritual for me. I know that sounds really stupid, and I’m an atheist these days, so I don’t really buy into an actual spirit of winter or any such nonsense. I don’t believe there is a truly supernatural cause behind weather, any more than I do believe that snowfall is the magic pixie dust that clears my mental sinuses and frees me up to think of the new year with a clear head.

It just FEELS that way.

I try to get out in the snow a few times a year if I can help it, just to remind me that winter is my default reset season. This has a lot to do with the fact that, though I have maintained that winter is my reset season, the last few years have been anything but stress relieving. It’s down to a lot of little things, but suffice to say, I’ve been deriving little joy from my season of choice lately, and I’ve been craving that mental release a lot lately.

Even now, after the single most impressive single day of snowfall we’ve had in almost twenty years (if not longer), I’m still stressed and slightly miserable that the winter season isn’t healing me and refilling my reserves as hoped.

As such, I’ve decided that, after I finish settling the dispute over where my rent money went, I will be going to back off the accelerator just a bit, and maybe, hopefully, rediscover my playfulness and sense of humour.

Now, what will this mean to you folks? Probably not a lot, unless you know me personally. I’ll still be blogging as often as I can bear to. I’ve been pretty active these last handful of months, making connections, spreading my name around, showing off my work, getting involved in local politics and neighbourhood engagement. To those dear friends of mine who DO know me well, I’m not going to be retreating from spending time with you. I happen to love my closest friends dearly, and want to spend as much time with you as possible. There will be much hugging. Maybe even kissing, I don’t know.

But the rest of you can all just sod off!

Okay, no, not really, but I WILL be backing away from social engagements and local politics and the neighbourhood association for a while, because I’m exhausted, and I’m starting to hate where I live (Hamilton, Ontario), and that’s not a healthy situation for me to be in, because I most demonstrably cannot afford to move just yet. And even when I do move, I will be much more reluctant to get dragged into the endless debates and struggles to outwit foot-dragging, backsliding city and neighbourhood planning committees, at least for a while. I haven’t been able to get nearly as much of my work done as I’ve been wanting to, and my mental fatigue is starting to lead to burnout in any case. I’m sure I’ll be cranking out pages and songs and pictures galore on my manic days, and maintaining a more leisurely pace during my average days. But I’m feeling a little depressed right now, and it’s actively pissing me off that I can’t just retreat and enjoy the solitude and silence that winter used to afford me.

So there it is. I want another snow storm (to slow all the rest of you down), and I want less activism, and I want to design some paintings and write a few novels and maybe record some new songs. And I can’t do any of that until I get some rest. So I’m going to do just that.

The corollary to all of this is, if anyone wants to contact me about reviewing my books or albums or pictures, PLEASE email me at leeinlimboATgmailDOTcom. Or, alternatively, you could scroll down just a little bit and LEAVE ME A COMMENT. Wouldn’t that be a novel thing to do?

Thank you for reading.


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