Turn On My VCR… Same One I’ve Had For Years

I’m tired. No. really. Yeah, I know I said it before, but it’s true now, too.

Probably a little depressed at the moment. Please excuse the look of the place.

I did a set of paintings (I paint in sets, most of the time, when I’m doing abstracts these days). You can see them HERE.

I’ve got two novels on the starting block (THE THIRD RAIL and THE COMPLICATED PRINCE), and dozens more novels and collections jockeying for position in line (too numerous to mention). I started designing a game last year that I’ve lost momentum on, but I suspect it’s still a Very Good Idea™. STEEP INCLINATIONS (album). TAROT series (paintings). Guitar lessons for Drake. Stuff.

Time I got dressed and got stuff done. Laundry and dishes, too. Fun times. Thanks for reading.


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