Tweeting Sterling

So, yesterday, I tweeted the prologue of THE GOOD GIRL.

Today, rather than cut and paste all that text, I have opted to post four screencaps of the first chapter of the novel. I may do a few more chapters in coming days. This is all because I’ve been having this persistent thought that I’ve allowed Sterling to wait too long, and it might be time to finish writing his debut ‘quadriptych’, just to get something commercial out the door before I finish and try flogging THE CONSTANT SEA OF NIGHT.

I want to finish that novel AND the CUSTOMS AND ROAD SONGS OF LIMBO collection this year, but I’m now sure if I can. So much work, and a lot of stuff is demanding my attention that doesn’t involve writing my books. But Sterling has been waiting over a decade, and just lately, I’ve been thinking it’s time to finish writing that very summery, Hamiltonian adventure. So I’m going to give it a try in the next few weeks, to see if I have the story in my head enough. If not, it goes back on the shelf for another year, and I return to the other two books.

In other news, Brexit won, Drumpf is going broke, and I have several articles for the next issue of The ANVIL to lay into place and gussy up. I’ve been procrastinating, for reasons. The Old Cathedral High School Community Centre project, SEAT applications for Songs From The Bishop, filing for Not-For-Profit status for SCL, and other duties I begin to suspect once again that I’m a poor fit for. So much stuff. Gaming Nights. Tarot painting research and designs. What comes next? I have no idea. I also want to work on the LINK Game.

We shall see.


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