Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

So a few things got done yesterday:

– I dropped off the five required copies of Terminal Monday for the Hamilton Arts Council.
– I started the Carter Park Drum Circle blog and started posting news to it.
– I took my wife to a family get-together that involved throwing a party for friends to by Tocara jewellery at. My cousins, Tiffany and Kayla, whom I rarely see, were there, and we basically had a great night.

Two things that DIDN’T get done:

– Attend the CPR Committee meeting, because I didn’t receive the email and thus didn’t program my calendar with the date.
– Recommence writing The Approximate Distance To Limbo. I started rereading what I had, and dithered over a few line edits, but no forward progress was made. Not ideal.

Today, I’m considering:
– Attending the last Hammer Voices Writing Group session at the library.
– Going to Mom’s to clean.
– MAYBE returning to work on the book when I get home.
– THEN going to a Stinson Press Club meeting with the SCA Executive board to convince them of my changes to the logo, and the banner for the website.

So, busy day. Why does that sound familiar?

Thanks for reading. Come back tomorrow when I make an announcement and present the new logo and banner… if they get approved.


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