Uncertain Weather: Interlude – an excerpt from Terminal Monday

NOTE: This excerpt contains some ‘salty’ language (think of an alternate word for rooster) and frank sexuality, though there is no graphic or implied sex herein; that happens in the next segment, which I won’t be posting. As such, this segment is NSFW, though just barely. You might want to close the door if you’re reading this with your family home for the holidays, as well.

When Richard got off the elevator on his floor, he found Andy waiting at the door for him, bags of food and what looked like a bottle of soda in her hands. Meeting her at the door, he leaned in to kiss her, which earned him a very bright smile.

“I must have missed you on my way out to pick up some money for dinner,” he said as he unlocked the door.

“You didn’t have to do that. Dinner is on me. It’s my house warming gift. Save your cash to go grocery shopping tomorrow instead.”

“I don’t even know where the nearest grocery store is around here,” he confessed.

“Well, there’s a lot of shops along Ninth Avenue, but I think the closest is the Food Emporium between 49th and 50th, just south of here.”

“On Eighth?”

“Yeah, that’s probably the closest. Maybe we can hit the grocery store before I go home tomorrow.”
He smiled. “Does that mean you’re spending the night?”

“Yeah, you look like you need some company, and I’m in the mood to snuggle. And besides, you still owe me a rematch.” she answered, grinning wickedly.

“I thought we’d already settled that last night,” he replied.

“Oh no, you don’t get off that easy, pun intended,” she quipped, “Last night was nice, like a good day’s rain after too many days of summer heat, but I still want the real thing. You inside of me, all the way to the top floor. You get me?”

“Apparently, yes,” he grinned. “I hope I don’t disappoint you this time.”

“Oh, I think things will go much smoother without the hallucinogenics to complicate things,” she insisted. “You see, I figure it was just a bad trip you were on. You’re still hung up about your wife. I get that. There’s not a lot I can do about that except wait it out until you’ve made up your mind which one of us has dibs. I figure she’s in the lead right now, but I’m gaining on her.”

She set the bags down on the coffee table and pulled out the bottle, which was indeed a cola bottle, but what was inside didn’t look like cola.

“Dad likes to make homemade wine. The most recent batch is kind of nice. Not too fruity, but not bitter either. It’s not as good as the stuff you get in the liquor store, but it’s free, and if you don’t like it, I can just put it back with no problems. I figure you still need some loosening up, but not enough to make you moody,” said, but then picked up the empty tumbler and sniffed. “Or am I already too late?”

“No, I poured that a couple of hours ago to settle down and watch a movie. I thought I might drink more than that, but one seemed to be enough after all. I think I can handle a little bit of wine with dinner.”

“Good. You got any plates yet, or are we eating out of styrofoam?”

“I managed to bring a couple of old plates Kara and I weren’t using any more. They should be in a box over here…” he replied, trailing off as he browsed the stacks of cardboard.

Andy came over and helped him search through the boxes, and even managed to find his wine glasses, which were bundled up in tea towels. It took them several minutes, but the plates were recovered along with some dingy cutlery his mother had given him, and they replaced the boxes before kneeling down on the floor to eat.

“You know,” she said, her mouth half full of buttered chicken, “you don’t really have that much stuff. We could probably unpack those boxes and get everything put away in one night.”

“Probably, yeah,” he agreed, after washing down some Beef Madras with the wine. It wasn’t too bad, if still a little sweeter than he preferred.

“So, why don’t we do that, then?” she asked. “We’ll finish dinner and clean up, and then get your stuff put away, unless you had something else in mind.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind watching a movie with you, but watching movies on a computer screen isn’t that romantic. I may have to invest in a television set and a DVD player.”

“Good idea. Maybe get one for the bedroom, too,” she suggested. “That way we can watch pornos and get freaky.”

“I don’t own any porno flicks,” he answered blankly.

“No problem. I’ve got plenty. Where do you think I learned to give head?”

“I thought you were an inspired amateur,” he chuckled.

“Don’t laugh at me,” she grumbled. “I worked very hard to get this good. You have no idea how many boys I had to practice on to get good enough to get you off like I did last night. You didn’t even have time to think about your wife, did you?”

“No, you caught me completely off guard.”

“Right,” she said, pleased with herself, “and if I have to keep surprising you until you’re relaxed enough to just go with it, I will. Don’t get me wrong, I like sucking your cock. Your cum tastes pretty good. But I’ll want to get laid every now and then, too.”

“So you’re just going to work at me until I’m broken, huh?” he grinned.

“I vill brek you wiss my massif tighs und my magic breasticles,” she laughed, and then climbed over to straddle him once more. “You vud like me to demonstrate, ja?”

“I thought we were going to eat dinner and unpack,” he answered, feeling a little skittish after the afternoon he’d had.

“Later,” she said and pulled her sweater over her head. This time she hadn’t bothered to wear a bra.

© 2012 Lee Edward McIlmoyle


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