Unfinished Business

So I know have four blank 12″x36″ canvasses to work out the beginnings of a new series on. The thing is, I also have one 12″x12″ canvas and one 12″x24″ canvas in that pile as well. The latter comes from a set of two that I have had for several months now. One of those two is three-quarters covered in paint, in semi-random strokes that evoke but don’t complete an image I have decided is part of the Tarot series:
005 interlude Tower Day 2 Tower stage 1 sml
As you can see, the process so far has been relatively simple, and the results reflect that. It was an incidental image that I’ve been trying to refine, to little success. I may have to do a very involved drawing based on this composition and use the twin canvas to repaint it, before destroying or gessoing over this one, because I just can’t seem to get past this image enough to complete it properly. I keep thinking it will make an excellent representational image, and I can’t seem to reconcile myself to the notion that the Tarot series might benefit from being more abstract, because Tarot is so very specific and representational in its nature, even when it dabbles in more ‘modern’ (ie 20th Century or later) art styles, like the Crowley (Thoth) deck.

I want to get some creative work done today, but I suspect I have chores and such to attend to instead, especially since Dawn intends to prepare a turkey for American Thanksgiving today.

We vent winter coat shopping yesterday, and Dawn wound up with something that will be warm but that she really doesn’t like, so she’s pretty unhappy, especially because it was so expensive. Plus sized women’s clothing is insanely overpriced for the considerably shoddy design work and colour choices bigger women have to endure. It’s a miracle I got my wife out of that shop with a coat at all, but I now regret the whole exercise. At times like this, I truly wish I were working more often in design, so I could make enough money on a regular basis to take care of Dawn’s shopping needs before the stock in every plus size shop is so depleted that she winds up with some hideous mess of cheap fabric. I really needed to get her another long wool coat months ago, instead of the trouble we had ordering from Land’s End and finding their stock was too low to get her the correct size. It’s heartbreaking to see Dawn wrestle with the relentless reminders that, as a big girl, she doesn’t deserve good clothing. I’ve gained a fair bit of weight over the years myself, so I understand to some degree, but I can at least still find some things in my size, though not as easily or as cheaply as I used to. Dawn’s double depression makes all such attempts upsetting. The fashion industry pisses me off to no end. I’ve long had girl friends and girlfriends who struggled with their body image, but when an entire industry actively discriminates against you for not being average, you have to question what we as humans are really doing.

Anyway, I got a pretty good coat, which I will probably model during the next big snow storm.

Hope everyone is having a good day, especially if they are having a birthday today. Mine isn’t until Boxing Day. 44. I have a bad feeling about 44.

Thank you for reading.


2 Responses to “Unfinished Business

  • Hello Lee, I really like the bands of colour that you started with. Is the black image in the bottom right corner a figure? It looks like one to me (and quite menacing too!). I hope you decide to put more detail into the abstract images you already created on this….still be abstract but room for the involved drawing you have as your vision? Anyway I hope you have a creative day. Maybe we could all work toward having an Art in the Park next summer in Carter Park or Bishop Park.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Maggie. Yes, I see the figure, too, and though she was very accidental, I intend on making her a permanent feature of that painting, whether I repaint it from scratch or simply touch up the current version until it works.

      And an Art in the Park idea has been on our minds for a while now. I want to have a little get-together with like-minded Stinsonites under the Stinson Creative Lab banner, but not very many people have shown interest yet.

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