Up For Air (poster reveal)

Guten Tag, mein Macklings,

I was going to tell you the whole story about this poster, but I couldn’t gain access to the website for a few hours, so I posted a slightly abbreviated version on Tumblr. But here’s the poster:

Bisecting A Circumference - Remixed and Expanded poster

It’ll be made available on RedBubble, along with tee shirts and phone covers and stuff like that. I’ll be flogging them for the next week or so, for late Christmas shoppers, along with the remixed album itself, and then I’m done. No more Etcetera Thesis for a while. If ever. Still got lots more songs to record, but really, I’ve sold three albums and traded one for a book of poetry I still don’t have, and that’s since September, 15th. I can’t even get a review. *sigh*

It snowed last night. I’m allowed to turn the page, right?

Have a great weekend, and for all those who have been visiting the site while I’ve been quiet, thank you.


ETA: Okay, tweaked the poster some more. Here are two more versions:

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