Wake Up

Listening to Circa Zero. Andy Summers comes back to pop music with stunning effect. It’s thirty years since The Police recorded anything new. He’s done a lot of recording since then, but other than the brief Police reunion concert series, very little in the way of true pop music. That’s not a condemnation of his solo work. It’s just, you can miss a sound after a while. And until Sting sees a reason to write new Police music, the chances are, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers will continue exercising their more avant garde sides, merely moonlighting as former pop stars in absentia.

Warren tells us this morning that he takes five minutes a day to just look at the world he’s in, with no regard for the time lost. For him, it’s time gained. Nice. I can’t claim the same. I look occasionally, but not with any regularity. Shame, really. All these things I have seen…

I’m feeling a little disappointed with the way things aren’t quite coming together for PBHamOnt this year. No pressure to perform and a minimal volunteer group have robbed it of much of its fight. I may be doing something to speed things up a bit soon, but I may already be too late.

I have Scrivener open pretty much constantly now, which is a practice I’ve been doing for the last handful of years. I don’t write constantly, but when I am in a writing phase, the book stays open pretty much until it’s done. I’ve closed this one a few times in the last couple of years since I started preparing it. I remain uncertain about its future. I want to believe it will have a better future than The Back Roads of Limbo. I need to believe it will have a better chance than The Approximate Distance to Limbo did. I have an itch to pick up one of my other backburner projects instead. My better demons tell me they will have a better chance at commercial success. It’s hard to know which way is the road out of Limbo, as all roads only seem to go further in, whichever way you turn.

I still have an image of the Kermit Frog on my desktop. Its very existence is proof that this world isn’t as crap as I feel it often is. The world has been crap for such a long time, but it still hasn’t really recovered from the loss of Jim Henson. I think I would have liked to have worked for him, even though I’m too short to be a Muppeteer. It would have been good to design or write for Muppets, I think.

That’s not all I’ve got today, but I should save some of it for the work ahead. Thank you for reading.


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