Wally’s Story – a short excerpt from The Approximate Distance To Limbo

I’m Not The Killing Type
Wally was sitting in his favourite armchair, clutching a photograph in his hand as waited for the pain to end. He was crying. He was bleeding a little from his left arm. The needle had fallen to the floor. The immediate rush had passed already. The rush that told him sweet release was on the way. But oblivion was just out of reach. He could still see her face clearly in the photograph. His dark angel. His true love. Gone. So many things were just gone, now. Why did everyone always go away in the end? Why was it that even love wasn’t enough to make people stay.

Wally got up and walked into the next room. The walls were still crusted with blood and shit, and the room had a terrible acrid smell, but there were still two body-shaped bundles wrapped in garbage bags and duct tape, laying side by side on the bed. Good. At least he hadn’t lost them. It was hard keeping track of stuff these days. It was reassuring to know your friends were always there for you. All of them except her. Maybe he should try calling her. She would probably be happy to hear from him by now.

The sound of cruel laughter echoed through the room. He looked around for the source.

Sandy sat up and said, “You don’t actually think she wants to hear from you, do you? Why would she ever want to talk to you, Wally. I mean, have you looked at yourself lately?”

“Shut up, Sandy. She loves me. She’s just a little confused.”

“Oh yeah, she’s confused, alright,” Danny said. “She’s confused about why she ever let a little scrub like you get close to her to begin with.”

“He’s right, you know,” Wanda said from across the room. “I mean, do you remember the look of revulsion on her face when she saw what you had become? Do you remember how she told you to stay away from her?”

Candice chimed in, “You’re going to have to face facts, Wally. You’ve been a big disappointment to everyone. Your parents won’t talk to you. Your friends have all abandoned you. Even your roomies have abandoned you. The only reason they’re still here is because you couldn’t bear to give up their bodies when they both died from that bad shit you got. It’s a miracle it didn’t kill you, too.”

“NO!” he shouted. “Shut up, Candi! They’re not gone. They’re right there! See them? They’re still with me. They’re still happy.”

He broke down and slid to the floor.

“They still love me. I never did anything wrong. It was just a mistake. I made that guy pay for what he did to my friends.”

“Yes you did, Wally,” Sandy replied soothingly. “That guy will never sell bad shit any more. You set him straight. Wally, you look tired. Why don’t you come lay down for a while. I’m cold, Wally. Danny and I are both so cold. Come cuddle with us.”

“Okay…” he answered, and went to them.

© 2012 Lee Edward McIlmoyle

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