We Both Know There’s No One Else To Blame

Short post today. I know these have been pretty regular of late, and for that, I apologize. Just so much to do. Errands to run. Emails to send and reply to. Thoughts to share. Thoughts to articulate to myself and then not share. It’s an ongoing process, like so many in my life, right now.

I’m making noodle soup. This is sort of my brunch, as I’m not in the mood for a tomato sandwich today, and I have to pick up some more cereal for breakfast.

I think I might do some fiction writing this afternoon, after errands have been taken care of. Not swearing to it yet, however. Just no way of knowing what’s in store today.

I need to sell more books. Or music. Or art. It would really be nice if someone would buy a painting, but I haven’t had much luck selling paintings on line yet. Maybe when I get one of the good ones done…

I probably should get going. Thank you for reading. Have a great late summer/early autumn day.


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