We Came Here To See You, My Feelings And I

I’ve been listening to a lot of Marillion again recently, because they’ve been running a poll of sorts over on Facebook, where they ask what your favourite track from each of their albums is. We’re up to Radiation today, so I decided to play it, and even though ewe haven’t reached the track yet, I already know my answer is Cathedral Walls. However, it’s fun to listen to this album again, because I forgot how many tracks on it I really enjoyed, given that I don’t play it as much as some of the others. I tend to favour Clutching at Straws, Brave and Marbles (the Limited Edition), but I love most of their music, and by most, I mean there are a few tracks I’m not crazy about. I can probably count them on two hands, which is quite a feat for a band that has been recording for over thirty years.

Anyway, I offer you this in lieu of a proper post, because I’m expected to make breakfast and then go help my friends finish moving into their new house. Maybe I’ll post some more tonight.


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