We Stand On Guard For Thee

Short Version (for the Reading-Challenged):
We’ve enacted Bill C-24, and it’s something we should ALL be ashamed of. Instead, we have local ignoramuses gloating about it, on Canada Day. What the hell happened to my country?

Long Version:
“Where were you born” is, was, and should be a completely unacceptable form of inquiry in the country I was born and bred in.

When I was a boy, we made so much joyful noise about becoming a new country and being open and freedom-loving and accepting and caring about our immigrant citizens. Oh sure, there were rude grumblings from ignorant relatives and such, but the majority of us knew there was a point to opening our borders and letting diverse groups of people share their cultures and lives with ours, and all that comes with it. It was never a perfect peace, but by and large, we BELIEVED in our claims to being a multicultural society.

And yet here we are in the 21st Century, grousing about lost job security and bad trade agreements, both foisted upon us by successive inept, corrupt federal governments, and yet congratulating ourselves on their enacting a piece of draconian legislation that promises to strip away the rights and freedoms of all those people who have made the effort to conform to our increasingly difficult and unsavoury demands for conformity and administrative fees and all the rest of the long, expensive process to becoming a citizen of this country. This country, whose charter of rights and freedoms was written within many of our lifetimes, was meant to be a shining beacon of strength and tolerance. We’ve manufactured a poxy national symbol in our so-called Mother Canada, so we can erect a statue and claim greatness we can’t get anyone else to bestow upon us, the way the Statue of Liberty was bestowed upon our neighbours to the south.

Instead, we have people on Canada Day of all days, people who were born here and who should reasonably know better, tell my American wife to her face that she SHOULD be deported if she does something (anything) wrong. No due process, no inalienable rights as a Canadian citizen; just the government’s say so that she has stepped over the line, and automatic deportation back to the States. If she were from a dangerous country with dictators and death squads, that would be tantamount to a death sentence. As it stands, if she criticizes our government for stripping away her rights, she may very well be sent to the very country whose confused and self-defeating political landscape has informed so many of our recent ‘innovations’. Heck, I might yet become an American citizen through all of this. But not the way I want to do it.

You CANNOT build and maintain a just society with such measures. Perhaps it seems a minor point, but we disregard and marginalize a LOT of our minorities, ethnic and otherwise, in a country that still pays lip service to its stance as one of the greatest freedom-loving countries in the world. I have loved my country passionately, for those very characteristics I was brought up to believe in and to prize as our society’s central institutional pillars. Put simply, Canadians give a damn about one another, and the world at large. We are, or at least we were, proud of that.

Lately, I have been seriously reevaluating that stance. The Canada of my youth is being perverted beyond all recognition by a xenophobic, greedy, ignorant, self-important bureaucrat and his thoroughly corrupt administration, who demonstrate contempt for our safe vouched rights and freedoms, and who show every sign of being determined to ‘win’ another election through any means necessary, so they can further lock us into this nightmare trajectory toward becoming the first democratically-elected dictatorship of the 21st Century.

Again I ask you, what in the name of all that we hold sacred has happened to the country of my youth, and to which I mistakenly invited my love to take part in? How far away am I from looking at her through a galvanized fence line or plastic window? How long before they separate us and force us to live apart until I can gain citizenship elsewhere? And why in the world should it be me who is thinking of leaving, when the country I love, that I grew up in and feel such immense pride in, is what’s being ruined by petty, xenophobic ingrates who should never have been allowed to govern this country, let alone be granted a so-called majority government. The levers of power are in the hands deranged rich people, and yet we still blame and shame the homeless, the unemployed, and the immigrants for everything that is wrong in our society.

I’ve got another group to add to that list of worthy scapegoats: native born citizens… because it’s us who are allowing this great nation to be destroyed and transformed into the newest totalitarian state. We’ll be the envy of all those puppet dictatorships around the world who can only dream of making the sweeping, democratically-supported ‘reforms’ to our own charter of rights and freedoms, without having trade embargoes levelled against it.

We had better hope that we don’t become what we are fast on our way to becoming while the likes of Obama are in power south of the border, or we’ll be the first major democratic country to be invaded and conquered in the 21st Century. They won’t have a choice. There’s only one cure for a rabid animal in your backyard, folks.

Thank you for reading.


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