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The Ballad of SAM

Back in 1998, I had a dream of taking some of my graphic novel ideas, which had been lingering since the last year of high school, and putting them together into what I imagined would be the world’s first online graphic novel magazine. I got the title from fond remembrances of the old Movies for a Sunday Afternoon program slot on one of those channels my grandparents watched back in the late 70s and early 80s when we came to visit them.

The Sunday Afternoon Matinée was going to be a sort of Heavy Metal/Epic Magazine for the internet age. I’d start it by writing and drawing the opening stories myself, and then see if I could get other people to come onboard as it became a going concern. Of course, this, like so many of my other bright ideas, never quite worked as planned. I was hand-building primitive blog pages and posting preliminary character designs and story notes on a GeoCities page, but I never really got the comic pages out of my sketchbooks and onto the web.

One of the obvious problems was, I hadn’t the slightest clue how to make it pay, and so I was having to fit maintaining the site around days filled with factory work or warehouse management or office work or graphics gigs or whatever else I could get to keep my bills paid. Eventually, entropy set in and I just lost steam for the whole project. The ideas still sounded good to me, but I just couldn’t find the energy needed to push the whole eZine project forward. I needed help, and I had no way to get it.

Well, it’s over a decade later. I still need help. I also need money. And I still only have an inkling how to make any of this pay off. But it occurs to me that I have to start by setting up a new home for SAM, because nothing can get done until I get that part started. So here we are. Welcome to SAM 2.0.

The Deal

One thing that is going to be different is that I’m going to be upfront with you here. Unlike my other blogs, which are being done just to get people reading me, this blog is meant to be a commercial enterprise. I’m going to write and draw new stuff, just as fast as I can. I’m going to put images and words on teeshirts and cards and stuff, and put them in a store that I will link to from here.  I’m going to set up POD and eBook projects for whatever comics actually get done here, and I’m going to flog all of them mercilessly. And I’m going to be trying to sell them to you, dear reader. This blog is all about me telling stories and earning money from my creations, by getting you to buy stuff from me.

One more time: I want your money. If you think that idea sucks, then I apologize and I’ll be sorry to see you go, but this is how it has to be. If you could see my bank account, you’d understand too.

Thank You

Now, before I move on to the next bit, where I start reintroducing some of the stories and characters associated with SAM, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for reading this far. Thank you for considering it worth your time to come this far. I’ll try my very best to make it worth your show of interest.

Lee Edward McIlmoyle,

Somewhere in Limbo,

Friday, June 3rd, 2011


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