Well I Guess We All Have These Feelings We Can’t Leave Unreconciled

Anyone? Anyone?


Another grey, miserable day, and I have errands to run. At least it’s not actively raining at the moment, but with my luck, it will start up again by the time I’m ready to leave.

I got up around 6ish to do some writing, but it didn’t take, so I went back to bed. I feel drained and crunchy by turns, today. Great day for staying indoors with a cup of tea and a bowl of soup, listening to Anthony Phillips and drawing. Instead, I’ll be outside again, this time to pick up good cat litter, new running shoes, and a denim jacket for my mate. I’d hoped to get those done yesterday, but after brunch at Wimpy’s Diner, I was just so waterlogged and drained, and Dawn was getting sore from walking in the rain, that we just headed home and didn’t leave again until the rain stopped and it was time to go to Tracee Lee-Holloway’s birthday Think Tank session.

I met a really good graphic designer last night, named Evan Korn, a fairly recent import to Hamilton from California. Really nice guy, and a better than average designer, to boot. I look forward to speaking with him more, and maybe working with him on something some day.

Today, I also have to start worrying about StinZine articles coming in to be turned into comics.

And in sadder news, actor Bob Hoskins has died of pneumonia. I can’t think of anything intelligent to say except that I really enjoyed his work. Sad.

Tomorrow night, I’m planning to go to Toronto to sit in on an information session for Flink Fame, a new scheme to get music writers making a bit of money. The idea of maybe, just maybe making a few dollars for doing something I already love doing (but have trouble finding time for, these days) has a certain appeal. Alan Cross is involved, so even if it doesn’t pan out, it will have been an experience to meet the guy.

Time to get ready for the day. Have a good one.


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