Well I’m a-Runnin’ Down the Road, Tryna Loosen My Load

Good Morning, Macketeers.

Last month or the month before (my memory is starting to go already), I wrote a book blurb page for The Back Roads of Limbo. The problem is, I posted it over on the old blogsite, but not this one. So today I’m going to correct that. The book won’t be ready for a couple more weeks, I think, but the blurb should be up by now anyway. So here it is:

A private dick gets shot to keep him from giving away trade secrets; A child remembers the monster he called friend; A secret agent discovers he is being watched while waiting for the man he is assigned to kill; A rich Sultan has second thoughts about a magic transaction he has hired a Djinn to process for him; A thief tries to steal a magic orb and gets more than he bargained for; A brother and sister get lost in the woods on a winter’s night; Another private eye tries to rescue his client, and discovers they’re up against the most dangerous creatures around: angels; A man reflects on the loss of his best friend; A woman goes to her night job and accidentally stumbles upon an ugly secret about the world she lives in when a stranger gives her a special stone; Yet another private detective’s Girl Friday makes Christmas Dinner for two and then tries to help him solve a case; A playwright learns that the most important lesson in life is not to choke the bat too tightly; A member of the Sisterhood of Brianna sets out to prevent a Darkling from corrupting a nobleman’s innocent daughter; The Sultan discovers the price for trying to scotch the deal with the Djinn is much higher than he ever imagined; and another secret agent tries to find and rescue his young protégé, who has been captured by a secret worldwide criminal organisation.

These are just a small handful of the story ideas from the mind of Lee Edward McIlmoyle, author of the novels The Bride of War and Terminal Monday, and the novellas The Dark Guild and ASHES: Infinite Redress. This is just the beginning. Once you’re on the Road to Limbo, you can never go home again.

I used to write copy a lot back in my heavy graphic design days, so I’ve gotten pretty good at spinning.

I have writing to do (short stories and an album review for the latest Rush album) and I have to try to rerecord that bass line from yesterday, if I can. You folks have a good day. Thanks for reading.


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