Well My Mind Is Going Through Them Changes

Been sick with a chest cold for just over a week now. *sigh*

So, I’ve been pretty focussed on artwork lately. For those of you NOT following my art page, it’s HERE.

I’ve also been working on music again. I recorded a tiny piece of music that had originally come from my buddy Gary Falkins quite a long time ago, and that I had gussied up a bit, also a very long time ago. You and listen to it here:

But today, I think I’m going to focus on some writing. I haven’t published anything brand new in a few months, and it’s starting to get on my nerves (especially because nobody actually read the last two books I wrote). The current volume is another collection of short stories, which is only about a third done. I may take some of the more questionable stories out of the volume before I publish it, even though the focus of the book, if you can call it focus, is personal stories interspersed with fictional tales of taboo and transgression. I once had a slim volume of original erotica planned, and nearly got it done, but just haven’t had the nerve to put it out. The naughtier stuff in this volume may wind up in there as well. We’ll see.
[click to embiggen]
VFMD 2015 04 14a

I think that’s all of the Show & Tell I’ve got for today. Thank you for reading.


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