We’re All Light

New painting series – DIVINITY (2014):


Divinity dry

I haven’t decided which orientation I prefer yet. Vertical seems to be better for a lot of the print applications I do, but not for everything. So I may do both and let others decide.

More to the point, I’m not sure the piece is actually finished yet. Something tells me I need to do a little more work on it. I’ll figure it out today.

Today is the first of two days of paper ballot voting in #Ward2_HamOnt. I designed the paper ballot myself, using the old Matt Jelly PBW2 logo and the style of the NYC PBP ballot design features, with some stylistic elements and original drawings to flesh out the ballot and keep it from looking too much like somebody else’s work.

I’ll post images of the ballot after tomorrow’s voting is done. But here’s a teaser:

VFMD 2014 06 22a

The ballot no longer has a numbering box. Lots and lots of changes were made to the ballot as I worked on it. Still, it looks pretty cool.

Time to get some work done. Thanks for reading.


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