We’ve All Been A Little Bit Crazy Lately

So, I’ve been busy helping organize the Participatory Budgeting (PB) Elections, in my new-found capacity as Chairperson of the PB Transition Team. I believe Norman Kearney was hoping to get all of this taken care of before he left, so he could have a slam dunk before heading off to school. Sadly, that was not to be, so now an appointed team of PB stalwarts are carrying the ball to the goal line, which is to have the new PBW2 team voted into place, and subsequently, the new Facilitator for PB Ward 2/Hamilton.

There is an awful to to this gig, and I’m not going to bore you with details that I probably shouldn’t be sharing anyway, but I will say that, all tension aside, it’s a very gratifying thing to know I’m helping a process that I believe can really help our city to thrive and grow, both in terms of physical improvements, and in the cultivating of democratic experiences and attitudes in a city that has become synonymous with disenfranchisement.

In other news, I’ve issued my ideas for the improvements to the Carter Park plan in the Stinson neighbourhood. I expect to receive considerable pushback on it, but I wasn’t able to present the plan to the committee on Thursday night, due to printing problems (i.e. I was out of coloured ink). So here for the first time, you can see my current visualization of what the neighbourhood requested back in 2012 when we were first formulating the Stinson Neighbourhood Action Plan:

It’s got a few features in there that weren’t part of the original plan, but I feel they keep with the spirit of what the neighbourhood, including the community association, were looking for.

Obviously, I’m not an executive of the neighbourhood association, so my design isn’t fully endorsed by the SCA. I just wanted to share my vision for the civic square plan, since I’ve been so intimately involved with it for so long.

Time to get some PB writing done. Talk to you soon. Thanks for reading.


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