What Did You Do? Make A Stone Of Your Heart?

Okay, so I’m done with StinZine Issue 002. I feel like I’ve been saying that for days, but it’s out of my hands now, unless our publishing lead tells me to update the Songs From the Bishop piece, if Adam gets the name he’s looking for today. I included a teaser for that piece a few days ago, but I’m really kind of happy with the logo I did for Adam (and I really do think of it that way; if it had been anybody else, I might not have been so enthusiastic about doing free graphic design for an event of this nature). I want to keep the final logo under wraps, but I think maybe showing off the original hand-drawn design again might not be out of place:
Songs From The Bishop Graphic

There was another nice, hand-drawn logo I did for another of our neighbours’ businesses, which I also ended up doing for free, but I am pretty sure it’s the last free logo design I will ever do for anyone other than myself. The last couple of years have seen me doing scores of such things, and it’s about time I stopped and realized my work is worth quite a bit more than ‘Free’.

Anyway, here’s the hand-drawn sketch:
KDC sketch

The final logo is pretty much what you see there, only with a nice font selected. I also did a hand drawn type logo for her, but ended up not using it:
KDC2 sketch

And that’s all you get from me today. I have many things to work on today (lots of stuff got neglected during the last few weeks of StinZine insanity), but I haven’t decided what will take up most of my time today, as I’m hoping to come into money to do some much-needed grocery shopping with today. We shall see.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow, I hope.


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