What Do You Mean, King Crimson is Unacceptable as Morning Wake Up Music?

Okay, so I AM actually listening to 21st Century Schizoid Man as I type this. So the title doesn’t lie. Good thing I have good headphones, or I’d be living alone again.

In other news, the Autumn Issue Harvest Special (aka Issue #004) of the StinZine is out:
StinZine 004 cover clr fin sml
Within its hallowed pages lurks a sort of advertisement/PSA for the Stinson Creative Lab, a little idea I came up with to unite and activate our local art talent.

I also put in some time this past week getting the Stinson Mural Project page back up on its feet. You can see the results by clicking the image below:
Carter Park Mural concept 008 - LEMc 2014 sml

And finally, I plan to attend the October 2014 ArtCrawl on James Street North tonight. If any of you locals still want to buy one of my abstract buttons, you should find me tonight and get one while I still have them. The price for them is still $10 (five if you know the name of the series). I’ll probably be wearing Arthur, and I may have a guest or two who have been offered one each, so that means I’m down to eleven. Did I mention HURRY?

Right, the Court of the Crimson King has started. Good time to end the post. Good morning.


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